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The man flashed into the church, and Conan had to follow him, calling in a low voice, "Aizawa, what are you doing here?" Pushing open the door of the church, you can see rows of seats.

The man flashed into the church, and Conan had to follow him, calling in a low voice, "Aizawa, what are you doing here?" Pushing open the door of the church, you can see rows of seats. The church is not big, and the seats are only about ten rows. Conan shone a flashlight on his left and right, and the man came in and disappeared. Conan was a little timid, and a thought flashed through his mind. Was it Aizawa who had brought him to the church? The cold church gave off a musty smell, and the gloomy building was inherently unattractive, and in such a strange environment. Conan called a few times, Aizawa still did not answer, he turned to leave, but the air was filled with a faint smell. Somehow, Conan seemed to feel the smell of dirt, rotten wood, blood and death. He shivered and looked back, and the flashlight moved past. The platform in front of the church, I don't know whether it should be called a prayer platform or an altar, has a big cross on it. According to the TV that Conan has seen,MBR reactor, there should be a suffering God tied to it. But the cross of this church is special, but it is tied to a person. Under the light of the flashlight, the victim on the cross hung his head, his arms were tied with ropes at both ends of the cross, and his body hung in the air like a crucifixion God. Her hair glistened with yellow light, and her clothes, which could not be seen clearly, were ragged,multi disc screw press, but it was obvious that she was a woman. Conan gasped, and he was stunned. The air seemed to surge rapidly, and in the darkness countless demons laughed silently and danced around him, extremely satisfied with the sacrifice on the cross. Conan's body seemed to be dozens of times heavier in an instant. He took a step forward and finally got rid of the terrible bondage set by the demon. He moved over step by step and stood under the cross. She raised her head with a flashlight, and her long, fluffy hair parted at both ends, revealing Diana's wide-open, pale eyes. She turned in her grave and stared at Conan with resentful eyes, which frightened him so much that his hands trembled. Diana's head slipped off the flashlight and her long hair covered her face again. Looking at Diana for a short time, Conan could see that her neck was bloody and there was no complete place. Conan's hands trembled violently, and flashlights occasionally swept over Diana's arms, which were tied to the wooden frame, and her wrists were also bloody, revealing the dense bones beneath them. In the light of the lamp, wall penstocks ,Mechanical fine screen, Diana's skin took on an unusual pallor, as if there were no blood at all. Conan seemed to wake up from a dream and burst into a terrible scream. He rushed out. With the passage of time, Huang Yun and other three people who stayed behind became more and more uneasy. After Aizawa and Conan left, the town was still very quiet. After about half an hour, there was a sudden scream from a man nearby. Startled by Huang Yun and the iced black tea, V walked quickly to the door, listening attentively to whose voice it was, but he was still cautious and did not open the door. The door outside was suddenly thumped, which made people jumpy in the quiet night. Open the door! Open the door! It's me! Conan If the distorted voice had not announced itself, none of the three people in the room would have known that Conan's plain and rich voice would have become so sharp. V hurriedly opened the door, and Conan crashed in, sweating profusely on his forehead, his lips trembling but unable to speak. Seeing V and Huang Yun and Ice Black Tea who came out with him, he breathed a sigh of relief, stumbled and was quickly supported by V. What happened "Ice Black Tea cried out, and anyone could see that something had happened outside." Diana. Corpse At the church.. The cross.. Conan's intermittent words are not difficult to understand, in fact, Diana is dead, the result of which everyone has guessed. Where's Aizawa? V holding Conan asked, Huang Yun handed him some water. Conan gulped down the water, calmed down a lot, and spoke fluently: "At first we were together all the time. Then I fell down and got up and found a figure in front of me. I chased him all the way to the church. The figure disappeared, but I saw Diana tied to a cross. Her neck and wrists were bloody, as if she had been bitten by a wild animal.". ” V hesitated, Aizawa is currently the most powerful of the five people, whether physical strength or wisdom, if left alone Aizawa, their own strength will be greatly weakened. He looked at Huang Yun, who was now the second person in the group, to seek her advice. Huang Yun received V's eyes and knew what he meant. She bit her lip and said resolutely, "Let's go to find Aizawa collectively. We can't go on by ourselves, otherwise our strength will only become weaker and weaker.". What do you think of going to the church to confirm Diana's body first, and finally finding Aizawa and bringing her body back? Five minutes later, four men set out with flashlights and daggers. With the warning of Aizawa and Conan, V asked everyone not to disperse their actions. The house where they were stationed was not far from the church, only three houses away. As they approached the church, a breeze passed by, and the iced tea shivered. "This ghost church looks like the devil's lair at night." When no one answered her, V stepped forward and pushed open the door of the church, his flashlight shining straight to the front. The cross was still standing, but it was empty. Conan opened his mouth wide and ran quickly. This was not an illusion. The cross was indeed empty. He looked back and stammered, "She was definitely here, I swear!" There are only two reasons for the disappearance of Diana's body. One is that Conan had an illusion because of the horrible atmosphere in the church. The other is that Diana's body was actually here. After Conan left, someone removed Diana's body. Or Diana's body wouldn't have disappeared on its own. Go and find Aizawa! V nervous, the figure who brought Conan here may be to let Conan find Diana's body,filter nozzle, but the more important reason may be to separate Conan from Aizawa, then Aizawa is in danger. Conan could only vaguely remember where the last mass of light had stayed. He remembered that he had fallen in front of an oleander house, and that the mass of light had been within a few dozen paces of him.

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