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Because the official's secret letter was issued to the Eight Junxia, the Eight Junyou were not officials, but the secret decree made them all have the status of special envoy, not to mention that the Eight Junyou had saved Zhuo Ying's life, and he dared not sit side by side.

She glanced at Gong Jiu and said, "This is the place where I was buried and where you sealed me.". This array can only be opened by your heart blood. You see, you don't admit that you are the one I'm looking for, but your heart blood is opening this array. Gong Jiu could not say anything to refute, but he had a lot of words to refute in his throat, but he could not say it now, ah, his breathing was so difficult. It hurts so much, pockmark. Fortunately, the female ghost seemed to be able to understand his suffering for a thousand years in this moment, and continued to speak to him to relieve his boredom: "You have forgotten everything, you can live your life happily, and counterattack your life, but I remember everything, but I am tortured by those past events all the time, which is actually very unfair." Lao Tzu is not the light of Buddha, Lao Tzu has a name, called Gong Jiu ah Ma Dan ah, this pot really do not want to carry! This time,4 person jacuzzi, things in the plane are simply out of the sky. Why is there such a female ghost who doesn't come out to take care of the rules of heaven. To rely on the rules of heaven is to rely on farts to blow fire. Gong Jiu saw that the female ghost did not speak, reached out trembling to pull the female ghost's feet, he wanted to pinch her feet, pinch her to death! The next moment, however, his moving hand stopped, and the white and golden light completely filled the whole ground,endless swim pool, which was bright in the secret room. And Gong Jiu found that a crystal coffin appeared on the ground. Seeing that Gong Jiu had been looking up to see the man in the crystal coffin, Chu Ge raised his hand and his body stood up, but this action made his blood, which had not been flowing too fast, flow more and more happily. Ma Dan, oh, he is not interested in what is in the crystal coffin, let him lie on the ground well and quietly. Chu Ge said, "This is a crystal coffin made of immortal ice from the ten polar regions. It can keep the human body forever. If you put the source of the soul into it, the body will wake up immediately. You have a heart for me." Has stood up, and can not fall down, Gong Jiu naturally has to look down to see the people in the crystal coffin, do not look at it is too sorry for their own blood spurting out this time. As soon as he lowered his head, best whirlpool tub ,whirlpool bathtub, he was surprised to find that the woman in the crystal coffin was somewhat similar to the ghost. The difference should be dress and temperament. Even though the woman in the crystal coffin had her eyes closed, her soft facial features still had the sweetness of a young girl. Obviously is digs out the heart to die, but the facial expression is actually so sweet, this sees in this crystal coffin the person should be a bright generous girl. Gong Jiu's heart was in pain, inexplicably uncomfortable, and he felt as if his blood was going to dry up, and even his breath was almost gone. His eyes moved to the female ghost, and Ma Dan would really die if he continued to stand like this. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. Chapter 405 there is a ghost in the bed. Gong Jiu asked her subconsciously, "How many years have you lived?"? Is he reincarnated? If you are reincarnated, it is normal to forget you. After saying this, Gong Jiu felt an excitement in his heart, and an idea suddenly crept into his mind. Chu song smiled: "Yes, he is about reincarnation, forget me.". I've been thinking about people for a long time. I thought it was a scene to meet them. As a result, he forgot me. It was really unexpected. Gong Jiu could not help but step back from her smiling eyes and looked at the female ghost warily: "Don't say that the person you want to wait for is me." After a pause, he added, "First, I am not a reincarnated mortal. I have memories of my past and present lives. I have nothing to do with you. Second, I declare once again that I do not know you. I did not know you before, nor do I know you now, nor will I know you in the future. Don't look at me like this." Gong Jiu's words could not go on, because the female ghost looked at him in this way, which made him really a little creepy. He did not know how to describe the expression of the female ghost looking at him, it was like a pervert seeing something he was interested in. Although Gong Jiu can practice in this plane, he is far from being able to go against the sky, and now he wants to turn around and run away. Ma Dan, if you meet a pervert, can't you wait to be dismembered if you don't flee? Chu Song's voice sounded again at this time: "Do you know what your original name is?" "My name is Gong Jiu!" Gong Jiu answered before her, "I know very well what my name is and what my identity is. You have mistaken me for someone else. I tell you that I am not the person you are looking for at all." "Gong Jiu?" Chu Ge read these two words in his mouth, slightly tilted his head and looked at Gong Jiu. He chuckled for a long time: "Gong Jiu, it's you. So that's it." "So what?" Gong Jiu really did not adapt to his own confusion, while the other side seemed to know everything about this pattern. I have the illusion that I have become a brain-damaged person. Fortunately, the female ghost solved his doubts this time: "Gong Jiu, your original name should be called the light of Buddha. It's a pity that it's not you who remember your name, but me." What kind of name is that? Gong Jiu stared at the female ghost: "I still think you have mistaken me for someone else. Can you tell me what kind of person you are looking for? Maybe I can help you find it." "I want to find ah," Chu song lips with a smile, eyebrows and eyes softly looking at Gong Jiu: "I want to find that person, he likes me, like me. He said he would create a world for me that belong to that two of us. He also said that in that world, he and I were the masters. He said that he and I would be together for a lifetime in the world that belong to us. He also said that I would be happy forever. The female ghost, who was full of evil spirits, seemed to have a layer of soft light on her body when she said these words. Gong Jiu had already guessed the ending: "He didn't betray you and find another woman. Since he betrayed you, he certainly won't come to see you. Isn't it wishful thinking for you to wait for him here?" In his role as a male partner,endless swimming pool, Gong Jiu kindly advised him: "You are so good-looking and have capital. Why do you have to hang yourself on his tree? He doesn't like you. There are plenty of people who like you. If you leave him, you can just find as many men as you want. You can like as many men as you want. How natural and unrestrained, there is no need to let yourself walk in a dead end." 。 monalisa.com

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