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Xie Jing raised his head and his eyes were a little red. After suppressing his emotions, he pulled out a smile at the corners of his mouth and said, "Let's not talk about this.

Xie Jing raised his head and his eyes were a little red. After suppressing his emotions, he pulled out a smile at the corners of his mouth and said, "Let's not talk about this." "We may be a little worse than our eldest sister," said Chen Juan-dai. Yu Xiufan smiled and said, Girl! It matters a lot how much this is. If the difference is very small, it may cause serious injury to me. If the difference is more distant, it will leave me a great opportunity. After a pause in his voice, he said, "Girl!"! You should get a general idea from my conversation. I don't think you'll ask any more questions. Chen Juan-dai sighed and said, "The castellan said something." "Oh!" Said Yu Xiufan. Chen Juan-dai answered, "He said that the four of us would use our swords together. No one in the world could dodge." Yu Xiufan said, "Maybe the Lord of your city is exaggerating.". Or maybe he hasn't seen my swordsmanship. "We've seen it," said Chen Juan-dai. The elder sister is very shrewd, and her swordsmanship will be much better than ours. She will describe Yu Shaoxia's swordsmanship. Yu Xiufan smiled and said, "My swordsmanship is not based on the change of moves. If the girl can really tell the essence of my swordsmanship, then she should be very clever." "Shaoxia Yu," said Chen Juan-dai! The swordsmanship of our four sisters is all under the guidance of the Lord of Creation. Will he be better than us? "You should be a little more clever," said Yu Xiufan. Chen Juan-dai said, "Not to mention that there are many other masters, I believe that our four sisters and the Lord of Creation alone will make it difficult for you, Shaoxia Yu, to resist." Yu Xiufan said,hot tub spa manufacturers, "With the honor of the Lord of Creation, can you still win with more?" "Of course not," said Chen Juan-dai. But I'm just warning you. But he burst out laughing and said, "No!"! Absolutely not! In his life, the old man had never fought a group attack and a group fight, and the more he fought, the more he won. Chen Juan-dai immediately leaned over and said, "I've seen the castellan!" Stand up and hang your hands to one side. Yu Xiufan looked up and saw a benevolent white-haired old man standing seven or eight feet away. He was dressed in a black robe,4 person jacuzzi, and his expression was so kind that he did not look like a bloodthirsty man. Yu Xiufan gazed at the old man in Xuanyi and looked at him for a moment. "Are you the Lord of Creation?" He asked. "Yes," said the old man Xuanyi, "it's the old man." "Do you have a name?" Asked Yu Xiufan. "All these years," said the old man Xuanyi, "they have called me Lord of Creation, so I have forgotten my name." Yu Xiufan smiled faintly and said, "I'm afraid that's not the case." "What do you think of Shaoxia Yu?" Asked the old man Xuanyi. Yu Xiufan said, "With your high status, you may not want to fabricate a name to deceive me, but if you tell your real name, you are afraid of revealing your identity, so you can only use the name of the Lord of the city." Old Xuanyi laughed and said, "Shaoxia Yu is really a very clever man.". However, even very smart people often guess things wrong. "A person is born with a name," said Yu Xiufan. "I'm afraid a successful person like you doesn't have a name, whirlpool hot tub ,endless pool swim spa, does he?" Still smiling kindly, the old man said, "The young man's tongue is like a knife. I'm afraid there won't be any good results." Yu Xiuji gave a sneer and said, "When I entered the City of Creation, I had already put life and death out of my mind." The old man Xuanyi said with a smile, "a distinguished guest can be impolite, but as a landlord, the old man can't lose the way to welcome the guests. Second girl, order the wine to be served." Chen Juan-dai bowed and retreated. At this time, the whole open hall, only Yu Xiufan and the Lord of Creation two people. If Yu Xiufan drew his sword and forced the old man Xuanyi to start, under such circumstances, even though the Lord of Creation was unwilling to start, he could not refuse. It was a pity that Yu Xiufan couldn't do such an unreasonable thing. He changed his mind and snorted coldly. "Your Excellency," he said. Benevolent in appearance, but not like a man who is full of sin. The old man Xuanyi smiled and said, "It seems that Shaoxia Yu has a deep prejudice against the old.". ” "It's not just deep," said Yu Xiufan. "It's an irreconcilable situation. So, I think we should end it as soon as possible. "That's right," said the old man Xuanyi! It is better to make a decision early than to delay it. "That's good," said Yu Xiufan! Lord, please show your sword! The old man laughed and said, "Shaoxia Yu!"! Now that you have seen the old man, are you still afraid that the old man will run away? There will always be an end for us, but let the old man do the host's friendship first, and we'll fight again. "I don't think so," said Yu Xiufan. I'm looking for trouble, and you don't have to treat me like a distinguished guest. "That's not true," said the old man in Xuanyi. "Now that you've been able to get to this place, the old man is very respectful of your martial arts and intelligence. For that alone, the old man should treat you." Holding the hilt of his sword in his hand, Yu Xiufan said coldly, "You are a wily man. You are honest in appearance, but insidious inside. Besides, there has always been a legend in Jianghu that there is no good meeting and no good banquet.". To tell you the truth, even if the banquet you prepared had dragon liver and phoenix marrow and jade nectar, someone Yu couldn't eat it. Old Xuanyi smiled and said, "Brother!"! Unfortunately, you said it too late. Before Yu Xiufan could answer, he Xianghong and Chen Juandai came over with eight maidservants in white. Four maidservants carried a wooden table, and four maidservants each held a wooden plate. Fine porcelain bowls were placed on each wooden plate. Knocking on the porcelain plate with big flowers. The wooden table was set down in front of the two men, and the other four women put down the porcelain plates in their hands and opened the bowls, which were four plates of delicious food. He Xianghong smiled and said, "Please sit down, sir and Shaoxia Yu."! The maidservant pours wine for you two. A maidservant in white had already moved the brocade pier for two people, but Chen Juan-dai opened a bottle of daughter red. "Shaoxia Yu," said the old man Xuanyi, "please sit down first. If you think the food and wine are poisonous. You don't have to. After that,jacuzzi manufacturers, he raised his chopsticks, tasted one chopstick on each dish, and then drank a glass of wine in front of him.

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