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"How much silver do you say there is left?" He asked the one on the right with a scowl. Uh Uh Uh Five hundred taels! The one on the right didn't know either, but he didn't dare to say he didn't know when he saw his companion being beaten.

Uh! So I have to keep a clear mind and a vigilant heart! Oh, oh, oh! Gloria! Come on! Come on! You are the first in the universe! Superwoman! Oh! Go! 2 "Oh, this is the second time I've come here. Well, we can only send it here. Teacher Yoon, you can take little Leia in!" The headmaster said with a smile, then pointed to a yellow cordon on the ground. Uh. Is this cordon like the one that separates the Ministry of Angels from the Ministry of Demons? No way That is to say, this cordon is used to isolate me from the Mirror City Academy?! I'm depressed! "Whoo, whoo, whoo." Little Ya Nu Nu! Qiao Huiyu suddenly rushed over and hugged me tightly, "You have to come on!"! Be sure to come back safely! Let's make a deal! Huiyu will pray for you. May God be with you! Whoo, whoo, whoo. What?! May. May God be with me? "Hehehehe, I know, please, it's not like I can't come back, you don't have to cry so terrible?"? Also,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, men and women are not close to each other! As I patted him on the shoulder, I grinned and joked. Whoa! Although the mouth said easily, but God knows where my heart has been hanging at the moment! Whether I can come out alive or not is still an unknown mystery! "But.." But Purr All right, all right! You know, I'm Gloria! Everything will be OK! Watch and worry! "Whoo whoo whoo." "That's enough, Huiyu." The smiling voice of Qian Ye Kaoru suddenly came over. He gently pulled the bridge feather from my body,steatite c221, shrugged his shoulders, and looked at me with a relaxed smile. Maid Leia, I believe you. Chiya Kaoru.. Please! Don't be so reluctant to leave, OK? Why does this guy always want me to have some illusions? I will really shed tears! No, no, no! Gloria, you can't be such a loser! You must be strong! Definitely come on! "Humph!"! Kaoru Chiya, you.. You just wait and see! I'll make you sit up and take notice! I gave him a 180-degree victory smile, patted his chest and spoke confidently. That's right! That's right! This is you! Gloria! You just have to be confident and not afraid of anything! "Oh, well, I'll wait and see." Wait till you get a black eye! Qian Ye Kaoru put his head next to me and said with a smile. You You're talking about yourself! Big pig's head! Angrily, I gave him a white look and turned away. Disobedient Greya 2 Text Section 12: Chapter 2 The Unprecedented Crisis of Greya's Maid (4) Verse 12: Chapter 2 Leia Maid's Unprecedented Crisis (4) "Come on, alumina c799 ,10g Ozone Generator, Leia Maid!" Behind me came the voice of Qianye Kaoru, and my heart suddenly felt a kind of inexplicable loss. Kaoru, are you really worried about me now? Or is it just because I'm your indentured servant? Hey, I don't know, I don't know! It's so annoying! Whoo-hoo! "Grace, please hurry up and come with me." Teacher Ling Yuner smiled at me and took the lead in walking forward. Good, good.. Whew. Ok! I took a deep breath, raised my head, and ran quickly forward with a death-defying mood. Goodbye, everyone, goodbye, Kaoru. I, Greya, am about to start a new journey! From this second on, I can't go back! Come on! Come on! Gloria! You must not be defeated! You are a weed who will never admit defeat! Oh! Oh! Oh! "Greya, you have to keep close to me and don't get lost, or it will be really troublesome." Teacher Ling Yuner turned her head and told me very seriously. Yes, yes! I know! That's all right, I hope you will live up to my expectations of you. Hope This time, don't let them have that memory again. Teacher Ling Yuner seemed to think of something and said with a worried face. Memories like that? What do you mean? There were several big question marks on my mind. Uh. No, no, no! You shouldn't be thinking about anything other than dropping out of school right now! No distractions in mind! Demons dispelled! Oh, yeah! I followed closely behind teacher Ling Yuner and took a deep breath and walked to the gate of the Dezheng Academy. Knock, knock, knock, knock Thump, thump, thump! Listening to teacher Ling Yuner gently knocking on the door, my heart also followed nervously up and down, left and right wildly! "Squeak" Quack! You gave me a fright! The door of the House of Virtue and Politics suddenly opened gently, and suddenly a cold wind came to my face. The man who appeared beside the crack of the door was a fat grandfather with a white beard and white hair?!!! "Ah!"! It's Yoon! I haven't seen you for a long time. Oh, what's the matter this time? Huh? Does the old man who looks like a civet cat know teacher Ling Yuner? It seems to be very familiar. "Yes, Grandpa Ou, here's the thing." Huh? What are they whispering about? Teacher Ling Yuner whispered something in the old man's ear, and then the old man stared at me with extremely sharp eyes and kept looking up and down, which made me shake all over! Uh. Look What are you looking at! "Well, Greya, this is Grandpa Ou. You can come in. I can only send you here. When this holiday is over safely, you can return to Mirror City College." Teacher Ling Yuner turned her head and patted me on the shoulder and encouraged me. What? Is Teacher Ling Yuner going to leave like this? Nope No way! Do you really want to leave me here alone?! "Teacher Ling Yuner!"! Teacher Ling Yuner! That,cordierite c520, I.. I Whoa! I stood looking at teacher Ling Yuner as if asking for help, but before I could finish, I felt my hand being pulled into the Dezheng Academy! Whoa! It hurts! "Crunch" The door of the benevolent court was closed without mercy. global-ceramics.com

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