The imperial concubine often passes through: it is difficult for the fleeing imperial concubine to marry again

There is a warm current in my heart. "I'm all right. King Bei'an won't do anything to me. Please tell Lord Yun not to risk sending me any more. Before long, I'll be all right. Please leave here quickly!" Crush the plum blossom in the hand, the faint frag

There is a warm current in my heart. "I'm all right. King Bei'an won't do anything to me. Please tell Lord Yun not to risk sending me any more. Before long, I'll be all right. Please leave here quickly!" Crush the plum blossom in the hand, the faint fragrance disperses between the fingers, in the heart more than a certainty. "Wang Ye said to reassure the princess that he would find a way to get you out." As soon as the voice fell, there was a sound of the key shaking outside the iron gate, and an unfamiliar sound of footsteps at night. "Don't worry about me, let Wang Ye go back quickly!" In a panic, she blocked the stone bricks at the entrance of the cave as they were and turned to sit down. At the same time, the iron door opened and a familiar figure appeared in front of her eyes. "Is everything all right, Princess?" The person who came was dressed in a plain gown, and his face was always smiling with a touch of evil charm. The stunning face, which could not distinguish the gender, was completely out of place here. Night scene Lan responded with a smile and looked at him. "You see, it looks good." "I saw it without a trace." His wonderful eyes swept the room. The voice just now was subtle, but it could not escape his ears. It was not only the night scene Lan who spoke alone, but also other people. Turning his eyes to see, he took a glance at the night scene Lan against there, the fundus of a smile, but not show. "You didn't suddenly think of me and come to me." Night scene Lan laughs, "still your medicine has been developed successfully,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, want to look for me to try medicine?" "If there is no trace to say it is not, does the princess have any other way to say it?" "Are you going to let me go?" She deliberately looked surprised and asked without a trace. No trace is nodding, "I said to the princess, as long as you have a way to let Qing Chen bring you back, no trace may be able to help you." She was put into prison, all the people in the prison were executed by Qing Chen, this play in peacetime also forget,potassium sulphate fertilizer, but there are some problems in the court, I hope not to bring other interference to Qing Chen. [Provide! ~! Chapter 124 of the main text Night scene Lan pale face a smile emerged, smart eyes swept away no trace. "I dare not release the princess without trace now." He also answered with a smile, years of getting along, although can not completely guess the idea of Qing Chen, but still can pry one or two. "If you don't want to let me go, don't say more. Please." Night scene Lan made a gesture to see the guest off. No trace of this person is too careful, she can not ensure that the conversation between Big Brother Wu just now was heard by him, she does not want anyone else to be involved because of her and Xuanyuan Qingchen. "It's not that there is no trace, but that the princess is really important to Wang Ye." No trace had no intention of leaving, but sat down cross-legged. "Well, it's important to wait for me to test the medicine for Qiushui." She smiled faintly, leaned lazily against the wall, but closed her eyes, Magnesium Oxide price ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and did not want to say anything to no trace. "Thanks to Lord Yun, the things sent by the Su family are really effective in treating Qiushui. As long as the princess is willing to help, everything will be solved." Seeing that the night scene Lan ignored him, he took something out of his sleeve and handed it forward. Slowly opening his eyes, the night scene Lan glanced at the thing in his hand. What do you mean He didn't pick it up. "Let Qiushui live, is Wang Ye's wish for many years, but also traceless.". To tell you the truth, the disease of Qiushui, who has studied medicine for many years, has always been a knot in my heart. You should know that for people who are obsessed with one thing, it is more important to untie the knot than anything else. He is very stubborn to put things in front of the night scene Lan, to let her take over. "So you and that bastard Xuanyuan Qingchen can kill and test drugs regardless of everything?" Night scene Lan sneers. There are many people who have such eccentricities, especially when they can bring two of the same people together. The traceless brown eyes were blooming in the dark, and the smile on his face was charming, with a kind of coquettish breath when he looked carefully. Let his face look like a kind of magic to stir people's hearts. "Why not?"? This world is the law of the jungle, before being killed by others, it is better to kill others first, Princess, in fact, you are also like this, is not it? Staring at the eyes of the night scene Lan, her master looks cold, but in the eyes reveals an untamed. Again and again to escape, again and again to be recaptured, she has a tenacious vitality, supporting themselves. The more she was forced to yield, the more she kept resisting, which was probably the reason why she could attract Qing Chen. He and she are the kind of people who want to survive no matter what, no matter what! She is the only woman who can match Qing Chen. However, there is no fixed number of things, is a good medicine or poison, often only in an instant. Night scene Lan eyes a cold, "I am not the same as you!" "Different?"? If it is really different, the princess will not deliberately let the prince bring you back; if it is possible, the princess you would have killed him, you don't tell no trace, really because the contract restricts your hands and feet. Listen to the wind in the valley, where is the princess's courage and momentum?! Every word he said was gentle, and for the night scene, every word was like a needle in her heart. Yes, all she did these days was to get away from him. She can't kill Xuanyuan Qingchen now, one day, she will avenge Xiaoke and the lost child! The hatred and killing hidden in the bottom of my heart are undeniably covered up by the unexpected tenderness of Xuanyuan Qingchen these days. But in the traceless words, never calmed down the constant emergence! "If you want to avenge Xiao Ke and the child,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, you can take it." No trace seems to see through her mind, the medicine in her hand has been placed in front of her. I can't let you go without permission, but I can let you die. 。

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