The ancestor of all demons

Then Ji Ning carefully observed the remains, quickly noticed a ring on his finger, and immediately picked up the ring and quickly refined it, and sure enough. This ring is the storage magic weapon on the body of the deceased, a little exploration of the storage magic weapon, Ji Ning will b

The bird's nest must be a divine thing. Even thousands of flames can not completely burn it into ashes, it must be a rare treasure between heaven and earth. Emperor madman, if you have a chance, you must get this hibiscus tree together with the bird's nest. I didn't expect that there would be such a God in this ancient tomb. 'Ming 'Made no secret of his possessiveness and opened his mouth to shout. Emperor Shi Tian did not immediately make a move, saying that it was false that he was not moved. Fusang Shenmu, no matter where it was placed, was an unparalleled treasure in the world. However, such an ancient tomb stands here, but no one has ever taken it away. It can be seen that the Fusang sacred tree in front of us is definitely not as simple as what we see now. Quack! Quack! At that moment, suddenly, a hoarse and ugly strange cry appeared again in the ears of Emperor Shitian. It's a fire crow. Ming said in surprise. On the hibiscus tree. Emperor Shitian instantly looked at the bird's nest at the top of the Fusang sacred tree. He heard very clearly that the call of the fire crow just now came from the huge bird's nest. He had a natural magic power-downwind ears. His ears were amazing, and he would never mishear it. Ooh! Without even thinking about it, his whole body was suspended out of thin air, rising rapidly in midair, rising inch by inch, and he wanted to see with his own eyes what kind of mysterious existence there was in the nest. Faintly, in the nest, he felt the presence of a very dark and dangerous breath. As if, inside, there is a great devil of the world. He quickly rose to a height of four or five thousand feet and looked directly inside. Suddenly, the scene in the bird's nest was in full view. However, see the scene, but let the emperor Shi Tian eye pupil a violent contraction. The mind could not help beating violently. What appeared in front of him was a young man in a golden fire crow robe, as if he knew his arrival, and when he saw him looking at each other, he showed his teeth and smiled silently. There you are. A voice with a very strange and cordial atmosphere sounded in the ears of Emperor Shitian. That voice, let the listener, can not help but feel good. Who are you Emperor Shi Tian was not afraid. In his eyes,heavy duty cantilever racks, he burst out with the divine light that captured people. What he practiced was the power of desire and the firmness of his mind. Even if he was stronger than the world, he did not shake his mind because of a word. He just scanned the bird's nest quietly. There was no change in his face, but he was secretly frightened in his heart. In the bird's nest, the young man in Taoist robes sat upright inside, but on his body, there were dark chains, binding his hands, feet, even his neck, body and so on. On each chain, there are countless mysterious runes flashing, and in each rune, there are countless disasters constantly changing, and even disillusionment. It seems that there are countless disasters connected, asrs warehouse ,drive in racking system, one after another, and the cycle is endless. The Taoist was tied up in the bird's nest, and at the other end of the chain, it was connected with the ten thick branches on the Fusang sacred tree. Let the young man in the nest, simply can not break free. Moreover, there are countless forces of disaster, constantly along the chain, into its body. In its body, there is an amazing vast force surging. The blazing and domineering power of the sun shuttles back and forth in the meridians. Its appearance, can be said to be a handsome man, placed anywhere, is the object of thousands of women screaming crazy, the corners of the mouth, if there is no kind smile, but also let people as long as they see, will naturally give birth to a kind of intimate good feeling. It has an amazing charm that is hard to imagine. And on top of its head. But there is a golden pot, suspended in midair, dripping rotation, in the surface of the pot, there are countless pictures of fire crows, lifelike, as if real. This magic pot seems to have magical power, in the middle of the rotation, all kinds of flames around, have been swept into the pot like the tide. Inside the kettle, there was a faint sound of crows. The breath that emanates is hidden and profound. It seems to contain the terrible power to destroy the world. Hiss! Emperor Shi Tian had nothing to do with it, but in the prison of the underworld, Ming could not help but gasp and said, "This is the Innate Spirit Treasure-the Crows Pot!"! No wonder, no wonder I just met millions of fire crows on the Flaming Mountain. It turns out that there is this crows pot here. ” Crow pot is not an ordinary innate Lingbao. It has the magical power to devour all kinds of flames and condense a magical fire crow. As long as there is flame, it can continuously refine countless fire crows. These fire crows are a kind of strange life. After condensing, they can continue to advance. The most terrible thing is that once millions of fire crows put out a big array of crows, even heaven and earth can be burned to ashes in an instant. It is said that in this big array, a matchless demon God was once killed. And the owner of this crow pot is an ancient demon God of the ancient demon clan, the God Crow Dao Jun. "I am the Lord of the Raven." The young man, who was tied up in the bird's nest, opened his mouth and said with a faint smile. His eyes looked at Emperor Shitian carefully. There seemed to be a trace of different color in his eyes. He said, "I didn't expect that since ancient times, there would still be a strong younger generation like you in my demon clan.". Unexpectedly, it has the way of the ancient demon. It is not an easy thing to reach this state in all realms of heaven. "Are you the Raven Taoist, the elder of my demon clan?" Emperor Shitian did not have any joy in his praise, nor did he face the trembling of the ancient demon gods and the strong people of the world. He is now a demon emperor, status, and the world's strong also do not give up. Respect is respect, and there is no reason to fear. At the same time, the mind quickly asked the'Ming ': "What is the reputation of this God in ancient times?" Chapter 853 of the main text. In ancient times,shuttle rack system, he was also a fierce God of the world. It is said that he was once bred on the sacred tree of Fusang. He was almost homologous with the three-legged golden crow. However, his blood was not as pure as the three-legged golden crow. He did not grow a third leg and was eventually classified as a fire crow. His aptitude is also extremely terrible. In ancient times, all the way into the ranks of the ancient demons. 。

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