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At the age of six or seven, the princes of the past Dynasties began to study

At the age of six or seven, the princes of the past Dynasties began to study and accept the edification of orthodox cultural education. Generally, there is a teacher in charge of teaching the prince in the palace, who has to learn a little about civil and martial arts, calligraphy and painting. It seems that the profession of prince is not so easy to be competent. When I was eight years old, I was in the second grade of primary school. I had classes at eight in the morning and finished school at half past four in the afternoon. My schoolwork was not very heavy. At the age of twelve, I went to junior high school, and then I began to study hard. It was night school. At that time, I was desperate to get into key high schools and key universities. But little Nangong, he is only eight years old, and his profession has great stability, and very few people dare to compete with him for jobs. Such a small child has begun to know how to be prepared for danger in times of peace and study hard. The teacher taught me that learning knowledge should be comprehensive. Not to say that everything is proficient, at least should be understood, so that things can be done to know each other and remain invincible. Master also taught me to study hard every day, an inch of time is an inch of gold, do not waste the good time of life. Ashamed, "kid, you are already very powerful. You know so much at a young age. Why do you work so hard when you are knowledgeable and talented?" "No, not as good as my master, he is more powerful." "Is your master Prince Taifu?" Is that right? I only remember that Kangxi's sons had to go to the study to study. The teacher in Nangong Mu's mouth should be the "teacher" in the eyes of the ancients, the so-called teacher. The so-called master should have a fight with KFC grandpa. I don't know why I have this impression in my mind. Anyway, in my opinion, the so-called master should be an old man with gray hair and lost teeth. Age can also accumulate knowledge, after years of baptism of the master of course should know a lot, time has accumulated his wisdom and erudition. But Nangong Mu is only a child, is it necessary to be so strict with him? I don't know if the so-called master of Xiao Nangong is more powerful than Master Kang. That old man is not an ordinary old man. He has dozens of wives and dozens of sons,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but his political achievements are very good. He is a good emperor praised by later generations. A master is a master, and a master is a master. Nangong Mu said. Forget it, I don't understand, so I changed the subject casually. Unknowingly. We've been saying this for a long time. A little thirsty. As soon as Nangong Mu waved his hand, someone had already brought up a pot of tea. Scared. When did this man show up. I can't believe I don't feel anything. Look at the way he dresses. Dressed in a short blue suit, he did not look like a eunuch, but he did not look like a guard in the palace. Is there such a talented person in the small palace? Nangong Mu poured a cup of tea. Bring it to me. I took it and drank it. How dare you. Whoosh. The bright white sword pointed at the tip of my nose. Let your Highness serve you tea? Cough. Cough. I choked again. Do I have a grudge against the Nangong people? Last time, I was frightened and choked by the people around Emperor Nangongyuan. I was choked by Prince Nangong Mu again today. There was a flash in front of my eyes. My heart is in my mouth. It's a sword. A sword that can kill and cut people with live ammunition. This is not a prop in the play. Nangong Mu waved his hand, "Ah Yi, don't be rude." The sword was taken back, but the young man pouted and shouted, "Your Royal Highness, this woman is too presumptuous. What is your identity? How can you pour tea for her?" I don't want to pay attention to the status of the prince, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic cutting machine, but the young man in front of me aroused my interest and remembered his name- "Ha ha, I'm sorry, I can't help it, ha-" Nangong Mu looked at me blankly, but the so-called "aunt" had an angry expression on her face. Sister Qi, what are you laughing at? "I-" suddenly realized what Nangong Mu had just called me, and I glanced at "Auntie". Nangong Mu took the hint and immediately explained to me, "Ah Yi is my companion. He has been in the Rising Sun Palace all the time. He is one of us. Sister Qi doesn't have to avoid it." Little Zhengtai said so I am relieved, from the beginning to now, about my identity he did not say a word of nonsense, naturally also understand the relationship. His Royal Highness was so clever and capable that he naturally knew that Murou's appearance in his Rising Sun Palace should be a secret. So, I continued to laugh, "Ha ha ha, so funny, obviously a man, you call him aunt?" "It's B of a, B, C, and D. Do you understand that you don't show your teeth when you smile?" A Yi made a gesture and shook his fist in front of me. I put my face together. "What, you want to hit me?" It was clear that he was bullied and did not dare to fight in front of their master. Look at him dressed like this with a sword on his waist. It should be more than just a companion. All right, Ah Yi, Sister Qi is my friend. You should respect him a little in the future. Nangong Mu pinched Ah Yi's fist, but Ah Yi still looked unconvinced. Nangong Mu exerted a little force, but Ah Yi withdrew his fist and frowned slightly. Xiao Nangong is also a practitioner, and his kung fu is good? Now, I dare not look down upon the prince of Nan'an. Well, the tea in Prince's house is good. Although I like Baymax and don't understand tea, I know it's the best. The first entry is very bitter, but after that, it is light sweet, without any astringency. Lips and teeth remain fragrant, and the taste lasts for a long time. However, I was drinking rather than tasting, and I suddenly poured a large cup, which made Nangong Mu dumbfounded. It seems that this tea is very valuable. I don't care. It's all his father's money. It's not for nothing. But it was getting late, and it was time for me to go back, as I had promised Vanilla, to return to my bedroom before dark. However, I took a nostalgic look at the distant wall. Under the red apricot tree, it was empty. On the lawn, on the path, it was empty. There was no figure I wanted to see. Sister Qi,ultrasonic handheld welder, you look so reluctant. Are you missing someone? Are you waiting for him here? I was scared to death when a head suddenly appeared under my eyes. Nangong Mu that smelly boy suddenly put his head in front of my eyes, the tip of his nose was almost next to the tip of my nose, and the faint breath sprayed on my face. fycgsonic.com

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