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Yan Luocheng decisively a wave of his hand, he brought those people quickly divided into two groups,

Yan Luocheng decisively a wave of his hand, he brought those people quickly divided into two groups, a group turned back to face Mo Li brother them, a group surrounded us, in his eyes, he is not afraid that we have an ambush at the foot of the mountain, we have, he can also have, not to mention so many martial arts masters want to send him away in thousands of horses should be easy, if you can catch the noble general, Then not only do they not have to break out, but they can negotiate all kinds of benefits. It's not wrong for him to think so. At this critical moment of closing the net, he has considered everything that could happen. His stratagem is about to win. Even if he only cares about me, can't so many people catch me? He was a confident and conceited man who never fought a battle he was not sure of, but he did not think that his opponent was not just the noble generals of Siler, and he did not know himself and his enemy, so he could only be defeated. Tut, there are these so-called'martial arts masters', some of whom I can name, most of the rest are just second-and third-rate characters, even who we are are not clear, but also dare to show off? I pulled Lilang's sleeve and he looked down at me. Are you going to get rid of it? It's fun to kill a chicken with an ox knife! I whispered in a volume that everyone in the room could hear. The group of people were so angry that their faces turned red. Yan Luocheng's face sank slightly. Yan Shuanghen hung her head and did not know what she was thinking. Hongxiao stared at her with her arms folded angrily. She could not care about anything else. Don't wait for you to frame your own family like this! Glass wave eyes flash, brilliance overflowing, angrily touched my nose. I looked at him with a smile,Vegetable oil filling machine, as cunning as a fox. Where? Obviously I sympathize with them, you know, if I and this group of people of the Golden Phoenix Order are not dead and disabled, what else do they have? You are merciful, but you don't know how important it is. That's why you have to work, old man. "Go, I'm an old man, but aren't you an old woman?" Li Lang immediately raised his eyebrows, good guy,Beverage packing machine, typical of those who refuse to suffer a little loss! I couldn't help it. I laughed wildly and didn't give me any face. Even brother Mo Li had a faint smile on his face. The little devil in Tsing Yi laughed so hard that his shoulders shrugged. I looked at him plaintively. It was all his fault that my reputation had gone down the drain. Finally, Li Lang surrendered in my plaintive eyes. All right, I'll get rid of them for you! What do you mean give it to me? It's for them, Siler, okay? In fact, not only me, but also those who are anxious to see the world in disorder, which do not want to see the strength of the glass childe? Although the glass wave in front of us also showed a few hands, but this opportunity to face up, tut, rare, rare ah! A dark shadow rolled over, vigorous as a black dragon out to sea, powerless, where is this a fair confrontation? It is clear that the tiger went down the mountain and strayed into the sheepfold. The sky was covered with flying snow, which made it difficult for everyone to open their eyes. There was a constant tinkling sound in their ears, water filling machine ,CSD filling line, and then it was quiet. Dull, the group of martial arts masters stood stiffly in grotesque postures, looking at the leisurely glass waves in horror, the weapons in their hands fell to the ground, a move, as fast as lightning, which did not see clearly at all, unloaded all their weapons, and the man had extra time to light their acupoints-this man was not a man at all, but a God. Even among the five legendary figures in Wulin, I'm afraid no one has such amazing martial arts. They did not think that the man in front of them was one of the five wonders. Li Lang wiped his hands gracefully and retreated to my side. Disappointment, absolute disappointment is written on the faces of everyone on our side. Originally, we all wanted to see the peerless martial arts of Liuli Childe, but we didn't expect that it would be over so soon and so absurdly. It seems that there is a table of delicacies in front of us, but hungry people can only drink a mouthful of soup. This is simply fatal! Everyone at the same time glared at the group of useless'martial arts masters'. Yan Luocheng's face was hard to describe at the moment. In an instant, his self-righteous power collapsed. Only then did he realize how stupid, dangerous and reckless his trip out of the capital was. And the Lord of Siler, who had led the troops on the battlefield for many years, also raised an irrepressible fear in his heart. Who was this man? The silence was suddenly broken by the dull whine of three horns at the foot of the mountain. The stuffy voice suddenly shocked the stiff people on the mountain, and the eyes of the glass waves changed slightly. Others could not feel anything, but I saw something unusual. No, there's a change in the army. The secret sound came to my ears, and I was surprised. Chapter 35 besieging the city and forcing the palace When you come, you are like running thunder, and when you go, you are more eager to return. Yan Luo city, in addition to the original Xile promised to Yan food, the remaining hundreds of thousands of grain particles not moved to return, this is I see in Yan frost mark rob food for the sake of the people (glass wave of course is to listen to me), this also recovered Yan frost mark under the hearts of the people of Yan, in the final analysis, they are just ordinary civilians, the biggest wish is to be safe and healthy. For them, the battle of wits and power of the superior is as gorgeous and unattainable as the clouds on the horizon. In the ZhongJun camp, along the way, several horses were killed and escaped several assassinations. The small leader of the guards, with an arrow deep in his shoulder, threw himself to the ground covered with blood and burst into tears. He was a man of eight feet, with tears streaming down his face, crying like a child. Wang Ye, you go back quickly, prince quickly, quickly, fast, the prime minister fought to occupy the outer palace, the brothers of the guards desperate escort, did not let them break into the inner palace, young escaped from the secret passage under the prince's finger, it's been three days.. So much for a bolt from the blue! How is that possible? Why did the perky Nalongting suddenly fail? He is so strong and calm, if I believe that Natuxian is not good enough! Compared with this appalling news, the prime minister from expensive to force the palace seems to be a small problem not worth mentioning! Li Lang's body was unstable, shaking, reaching out to the void,water bottling line, as if he wanted to catch something, but there was nothing in front of him. I stepped forward with the same confusion in my mind, holding him and looking at him worriedly. gzxilinear.com

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