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"It's the same everywhere." Lan Qi took the lead in sitting down at the table and poured himself a cup of tea. When Yu Wenluo heard this, he could not help looking at her and smiling, and his eyes quietly fell on his elder brother.

"It's the same everywhere." Lan Qi took the lead in sitting down at the table and poured himself a cup of tea. When Yu Wenluo heard this, he could not help looking at her and smiling, and his eyes quietly fell on his elder brother. At least, she stayed here for a while longer, if there is a ghost after death, the eldest brother's soul should be very happy. She didn't dislike him, and she was willing to stay with him for a while. Big brother, I can only do so little for you. Then ask Luo Xiandi to tell us about it. Ming Er also sat down at the table, took the teapot from Lan Qi, and filled four cups with tea. Then Yu Wenluo also came over and sat down, Qiu Hengbo and Liu Mo also sat down, and several people sat around the table, each holding a cup of warm tea. On that day, after you were swept away by the wind and waves, we were not spared. The storm raged for a day and a night, and the first day lasted, but at night, the wind and rain were even worse, thunder and lightning flashed, and the ship was finally destroyed, and all the people in the two ships were lost in the East Sea. "I see." Ming Er nodded and understood the reason. We were all drowned in the sea, the wind and waves, the dark night, no one could see, no one could do anything. At first, people were still awake, some were floating with the wreckage of the boat, some were in the water,plastic pallet suppliers, and some were all supported by internal forces, but later, the wind and waves were so strong that they were swept away one by one, knocked unconscious, and soon lost consciousness. Yu Wenluo clenched his hands, apparently with lingering palpitations. When I came to my senses again, I was already on the island of Dongli. "Not only me, but also most of the Jianghu colleagues who came together and the first group of people who went to sea were there. We were all sealed up. We searched everything we carried and were locked up.". However He looked up at Lan Qiminger and said, "They have never been there from the beginning to the end. I don't know if they have been imprisoned, washed to other places by the wind and waves,plastic pallet manufacturer, or escaped." When Ming Er and Lan Qi heard this, they looked at each other, raised their eyebrows, and said nothing. Yu Wenluo continued, "The next day after we woke up, we saw the young master of Dongming, Yunwuya.". He entertained us in a large hall. It was really entertaining. There were fragrant tea, good wine, delicious food and singing and dancing. Some of us were restless for fear that those things were poisonous and dared not touch them one by one, while others were drinking tea, drinking wine, eating and dancing. After eating and drinking, Yun Wuya said a lot of polite words, but in a word, they are now prisoners. Those who are loyal to Dongming must treat each other with courtesy to protect their wealth and honor all their lives. Speaking of this, Yu Wenluo's face floated a faint trace of irony, "take it for granted, at that time no one surrendered, but loudly scolded Yunwuya, plastic pallet manufacturer ,collapsible pallet box, extremely insulting the East Island, scolding is really happy, hum." With a slight snort, Yu Wenluo's mouth was slightly hooked, with some sarcasm. Yun Wuya was scolded by us like that and had no reaction. He just nodded to his subordinates and left. Next. It is the beginning of the suffering of the imperial martial arts world. They first took away ten people, and half a day later sent back six, with skin and flesh torn, broken bones and tendons, and nails inserted in ten fingers. None of the dying ones was in good condition. Just looking at the tragic appearance of the six of them, we can see what kind of cruel treatment they received. At that moment, all of them were afraid, and the four who did not come back naturally could not bear to yield. Lan Qi could not help but look at Qiu Hengbo and Liu Mo, and see that their faces had changed slightly, and it was not good to recall that day. Qiu Hengbo felt Lan Qi's eyes and shook his head gently. "Yun Wuya didn't torture a woman," he said. "Mmm." Yu Wenluo also nodded, "every day someone was dragged to torture, every day there are some yield, every day there are some cruel people were sent back, but from beginning to end, but did not torture any woman, so, cloud boundless this person, at first glance so cruel, but not a cruel can be said clearly.". It's just. Although the woman did not use torture, she also witnessed the cruel blood torture, which was unforgettable enough. Said the eyes looked to the autumn horizontal wave, Liu Mo, two people's faces turned white as expected. "At first, we were all tortured alone, and we never saw it with our own eyes, but later, we were gathered in one place, and then set up a high platform, on which we were executed one by one, such as being beaten to pieces by a long whip with barbs, such as nailing bamboo sticks into the body one by one and then nailing the whole person to the board, such as cutting off the flesh of human limbs in small pieces." Another example is. "Stop it!" Liu Mo suddenly interrupted, the whole body is trembling, a pair of big eyes are full of fear. Several people looked at her. Liu Mo. Qiu Hengbo called her softly and reached out to hold her hand. "Don't be afraid. It's already over." "I'm sorry." Liu Mo lowered his head, teeth biting his lips, "Miss, I go out first, I." I'll go and see Ning Lang. Said, looking timidly at Lan Qi. Uh Qiu Hengbo nodded and glanced at Lan Qi. Lan Qi turned the teacup in his hand. After Liu Mo left, Yu Wenluo looked at Qiu Hengbo. Qiu Hengbo shook his head. "Brother, just say it. If there is something unfinished, Hengbo will add what he knows." "Mmm." Yu Wenluo nodded, "that kind of capital punishment down, all are trembling, some timid on the spot will cry out or faint in the past, no need to use torture, then some yield.". During that period of time, every day was torture, except for women, everyone in the imperial court was put on the rack, beating and burning everything, that kind of pain, really willing to die and not willing to bear. His hands on the table were clasped together again. He did not say himself, but only from the deep scars on his hands could he see what he had suffered. Ming Er patted him on the shoulder in silence. Yuwen Luo replied with a faint smile and said, "If I were not a member of the Yuwen family,plastic pallet bins, if I were only Yuwen Luo, then I would have surrendered early. It was really painful. I couldn't stand the pain." He lowered his eyes and looked at his hands. There was a scar on the tips of ten fingers, where ten nails had been nailed. But I am Yuwen Luo of the Yuwen family. 。

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