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182, Chapter 182.. Beloved wife as queen 182 General Qin's anger has not completely disappeared, suddenly asked about getting along with his daughter outside the Great Wall, immediately shut up, all the things of his daughter do not want to leak out again.

182, Chapter 182.. Beloved wife as queen 182 General Qin's anger has not completely disappeared, suddenly asked about getting along with his daughter outside the Great Wall, immediately shut up, all the things of his daughter do not want to leak out again. When King Jing saw him like this, he knew that he was really angry to the extreme tonight. He said with a smile, "It's very hard to be outside. I heard that although General Qin's whole family has moved to the Great Wall, he still can't go back to his mansion several times a year and can't see his closest family." "I'm afraid I can't even notice the changes in my family in time, and I can't take care of them in time when I'm sick.". Over the years, General Qin has worked hard. King Jing said sincerely. King Jing's tone, the people present only heard the taste of concern, only thought that King Jing was appeasing the angry general of Qin. How common it is for a person in a high position to say a few words of hard work. King Jing also patted General Qin on the shoulder and said a few words of gratitude to him for guarding the border for his father, which was very common. But general Qin is aware of the unusual, king Jing he in contact with several times outside the great wall, is not a mother-in-law little man, for no reason will never say these boring words of comfort in front of everyone. The most nervous is naturally Xu Jin. Jing Wang every word alludes to "the family has changed, general Qin did not notice it," Xu Jin was afraid of King Jing the next moment he pointed at her and shouted, even the false daughter did not notice it. Xu Jin dare not imagine, if King Jing exposed her on the spot is a fake,jujube seed powder, general Qin will not tear her. Just now, in order to defend her, even the two princes were furious. A courtier dared to defend the prince in front of the emperor, which showed how much he defended and loved his daughter. The more Xu Jin thought about it, the more anxious he became when he saw King Jing standing in front of him. The most anxious thing for Xu Jin is that King Jing is extremely cold-hearted, and if she really wants to realize that this Qin Tanyue is fake, she doesn't know what torture will be waiting for her. Thinking of all kinds of torture instruments in the cell, Xu Jin was not calm for the first time. But Xu Jin is Xu Jin in the end,rosmarinic acid supplement, after hanging his head and taking a deep breath, he thought clearly how absurd it was to change his face, but it was not by a few words from King Jing that she could be identified as a fake. Besides, her face is not simply a cover for a person. Skin Ordinary flush is not afraid at all, it can be said to be a beauty that can not be stripped off. Skin 。 What's more, general Qin is not a fool, people say his daughter was switched, immediately believed? As long as she is not arrested in the palace, she will be able to escape as soon as she leaves the palace gate. Thinking of this, Xu Jin calmed down again. But soon, Xu Jin was aware of the strange, King Jing actually comforted General Qin after a few words, then released. Perhaps others will believe that king Jing left them to say that, just afraid of tonight two princes repeatedly refused to marry cold general Qin's heart, lutein eye complex ,akba boswellic acid, specially in front of the people care about them, tell people that they are still favored, don't let people despise. But Xu Jin will never believe it. It must be strange for King Jing to act like this. However, it is always a good thing to get out of the palace quickly and escape from King Jing. Xu Jin wiped the tip of her nose with a handkerchief and continued to pretend to be wronged, following her father and brother down the wooden ladder. The boat was moored in the middle of the lake and did not reach the shore. They had to go first and could only take a small wooden boat hanging behind the boat. According to King Jing's order, Baoling walked to the big prince's side. Suddenly, she pointed to Xu Jin's back and said to the big prince in surprise, "Did you notice that the back looks like Xu Jin?" The voice was not small, and Xu Jin, who was about to step onto the small wooden boat from the boat, was so frightened that she almost fell into the lake. Thanks to General Qin Shao's quick eyes and quick hands, he held on. General Qin frowned slightly, and when King Jing stopped them to talk about family reunion, he noticed something was wrong with his daughter. Right now, it's even more obvious. Who is Xu Jin in Princess Jing's mouth? General Qin glanced at his daughter's face. ~ When General Qin's family left, Emperor Longde quickly drove them out of the third floor of the boat, leaving only the concubines and the two princes. They didn't know what they were talking about, but they heard a faint cry from the concubines. Occasionally accompanied by a few words of the second prince's roar. Baoqin tutted and whispered in Baoling's ear, "The second prince's temper is really violent. He's not polite to anyone." When Jin Ling heard this, she said with a smile, "I think the second prince has a good temper. He has a true disposition.". Such a temperament is not easy to be bullied. Baoling smiled. "My sister speaks highly of him." The brocade spirit was soaked in the liquid medicine so that her face was tender. Just looking at her face, she was definitely six or seven years younger than His Highness King Jing. She was about the same age as Baoling. Therefore, when the imperial concubine Xiang first recognized her adopted daughter, she ranked her behind King Jing and regarded her as "adopted sister" rather than "adopted sister". In private, Baoling calls her sister, and in public she always calls her sister. Jin Ling praised: "The second prince is very excellent, and the evaluation is naturally high." When Baoling saw Jin Ling mention the second prince, the corners of her mouth turned up slightly, which was only the case when she mentioned King Jing before. Baoling's heart missed a beat. Jinling didn't play a few scenes. Did she really like the second prince? In order to create a false impression of the intimacy between the two princes and Jin Ling for De Pin and Xu Jin, and provoke them to commit crimes in order to quickly settle the marriage, Jin Ling, according to the plan of His Highness King Jing, deliberately approached the two princes and said a few more words. Today, he also deliberately pulled the sleeves of the second princes in front of Xu Jin. Naturally, pulling the sleeve is false, but far away, borrow a pull, Xu Jin seems to be mistaken for it is true. These, brocade spirit is an insider, two princes are kept in the dark. Looking at Jin Ling, Baoling was really afraid that she would pretend to be a real one. De Pin was not a mother-in-law who was easy to get along with. If they were really together, I don't know how De Pin would go crazy. When Baoling was thinking about it, the concubine inside came out with a veil to cover her face. It seemed that she was severely scolded by Emperor Longde and cried. The second prince came out after him, no longer red-eyed, no longer full of resentment, the whole person looked very relaxed,tannic acid astringent, probably because Emperor Longde promised him that his marriage would be decided by himself. Passing by Baoling and Jinling, De Pin did not scowl as coldly as she used to. With a gentle sweep, she wiped away her tears and passed by. Baoling noticed that the second prince took a special look at Jinling. Baoling bit her lip gently. What if it's a bad fate. prius-biotech.com

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