You can't judge a man by his appearance

"Well, some time ago," Yan Xi knew what her father was thinking

"Well, some time ago," Yan Xi knew what her father was thinking, and immediately stressed, "he doesn't want to chase me, we are just ordinary friends." What haven't asked Song Hai:. "An ordinary relationship between men and women gives you lipstick?" Song Hai holds his teacup, the tone is a little suspicious, "Yan Yan, Dad is not going to be a super rich man, you must not wronged yourself to embrace the thigh.". Although the original family is rich and powerful, we are not short of money to spend, right? "Dad, where do you want to go," Yan Xi laughed, "with the financial resources of the original family, if he really wants to pursue me, do not send me a car, house, jewelry, what is a lipstick? It's not that he doesn't know the economic conditions of our family. Do I still lack the money to buy lipstick? "That's true. If he wants to pursue you and send such a little thing, it's really too stingy." Song Haishen thought so. When he didn't have much money in his hand, he was very generous in pursuing his mother. "Anyway,interactive flat panel display, I think that the original two young people are good-looking, but they don't look like people who are easy to get along with. Maybe there are bad habits of domestic violence. Don't get close to him." When Yan Xi heard this, he laughed and said, "Dad, you think too much. What kind of beauty has you never seen before? Why would you like me?" "Why don't you like it?"? You are beautiful and temperamental, and you are smart and capable. Why does he look down on you? Song Hai is not happy to hear this, all the silly fathers in the world have a blind self-confidence, that is, their daughter is a fairy daughter,65 inch touch screen, the world's men are only divided into two kinds, the daughter likes, the daughter does not like. Yan Xi is speechless, is her father's mentality somewhat self-contradictory? At 8:30 in the evening, "Things Around Us" was broadcast on time. At the beginning of the program, there was a hot restaurant kitchen, diners waiting for the food to be served, and a delicious dish. Our country has a lot of delicious food, but many times, busy we can not go to taste, or do not want to go too far to taste, I have to say, this is a pity. The soft female voice is like a stream, soft and a little smart, "but today, classroom interactive whiteboard ,4k smart board, there is a kind of person who helps us solve this problem." "His name is Zhou Qiang, an ordinary delivery man, and there are countless delivery men like him in the imperial capital." In the early morning before dawn, the sound of rain and the small restaurants that have opened on the roadside seem to have become a beautiful scene. yuan Yi sat on the sofa, staring at the TV without moving his eyes. On TV, Yan Xi's voice came out from time to time, but she seldom appeared in front of the camera. Photographer's shooting angle is very clever, he used the camera to record the expression of customers, the behavior of businessmen, as well as Zhou Qiang's back climbing stairs, wet raincoat, takeout bags without a drop of water. Thank you. It's raining heavily outside. Be careful. "It's really troublesome to ask you to deliver food to me in such a heavy rain." "Goodbye." As the camera zoomed out, some customers even closed their doors after they had gone away. This rainy day is a little cold, but the attitude of customers is very warm. "The female voice seems to be infected with warmth." Takeout meets the needs of many people, but also increases the demand for employment. Mutual respect also shortens the distance between each other. " It was not until the end of the program that yuan Yi came out of the atmosphere created by the program. He seldom ate takeout and almost never contacted the takeout workers, but this program recorded the hard work and touching place with the camera. The original thought that there would be unreasonable shopkeepers or picky diners in the program, but the camera recorded warmth, kindness, courtesy and diligence from beginning to end. It does not set diners against takeaway workers and businessmen, but creates a community where they need each other. After watching this program, yuan Yi felt as if he had an impulse to have a takeout. Because "those things around" has been popular on the Internet for a period of time, so that night some netizens marked this issue as "takeaway clerk". Go The program was put on the Internet. Due to the forwarding of some small marketing numbers, it soon attracted the attention of some netizens. Netizen 1: The style of this program is really fresh and refined. I have been waiting for the best customers to appear. I didn't expect that until the end of the program, it was all warm tone. Instead, I couldn't help ordering takeout. Netizen 2: It can be seen that the program group is very attentive, does not stir up trouble, and does not deliberately expand the contradiction. In fact, the whole society is still more ordinary people, less strange, and because there are cameras to follow, most people will subconsciously make themselves better, so in this case, if one after another strange, I can not help but doubt the authenticity of the program. Netizen 3: Am I the only one who is obsessed with the voice of the host girl? Netizen 4: The voice of the host is really nice and infectious. The program can make so many people have emotional resonance. Her narration and dubbing account for a large part of the credit. A tea: I would like to ask each net friend, is this host called Yan Xi? Chen Mingdong heard a familiar voice in the video, glanced at a familiar silhouette, and could not wait to finish watching the video, so he could not wait to type this sentence in the comment section. Chapter 32 Fireman that program ushered in success, let eight people see Yan Xi's ability, this "takeaway" program once again attracted the attention and discussion of netizens, which established Yan Xi's position in the station and in the program group. Even Zhang Hao, the most senior of the eight stations, was pleased with Yan Xi before the live broadcast of "Noon News" the next day. Yan Xi's background, can only let everyone be polite to her, only the strength can convince people. Yan Xi persuaded Chen Pei to plan these programs, all successful, what does this mean? It shows that she has a keen eye and can grasp the current mentality of young people. It is true that the waves behind the Yangtze River drive on the waves before, one wave is stronger than the other, and the waves before can only look at the waves. This is the credit of everybody, "Yan Xi is looking through data,smart board touch screen, to Zhang Haodao," just right the appetite of the netizen. Zhang Hao smiled and said nothing else, but he thought highly of Yan Xi. Young people who are calm and do not forget themselves because of a little achievement are destined to go further.

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