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Out of Gu's yard, Fu Jiasi's car was already waiting outside, and as soon as the man in the car took

Out of Gu's yard, Fu Jiasi's car was already waiting outside, and as soon as the man in the car took out his cell phone to make a phone call, he saw the highland barley coming out. Smiling, he got out of the car and greeted the highland barley with his hand on the door, but saw Gu Sinan and Zhao Yiqing coming out. Gu Sinan's face was as cold as an ice cube. Highland barley saw that Fu Jiasi's expression was not right and looked back along his line of sight. She was surprised to see Gu Sinan and Zhao Yiqing behind her, but it was only for a moment that she withdrew her expression and continued to walk forward, pulling open the co-driver's door and sitting in it. Fu Jiasi raised his eyebrows and waved to Gu Sinan: "Happy New Year's Day. I'm going to take highland barley to celebrate the festival. Bye-bye!" The man's face was livid, and his hands were clenched tightly, as if he were deflating himself. Watching the car go away, but he can't do anything, Zhao Yiqing is still fanning the flames at this time. Wow, highland barley this little sister is not general ah, so soon hooked up with Fu Jiasi, but her origin, Fu Jiasi's parents may not like it! When she finished, she turned her head and saw Gu Sinan looking at her with an expressionless face, but her eyes were cold. Her body shook in vain. Am I-am I wrong? Gu Sinan took his eyes back, turned around and walked away,digital signage kiosk, but still left her a sentence: "a girl's mouth can't be too poisonous, it will be annoying!" Hate? Does he mean to say that he is beginning to hate her? Zhao Yiqing clenched his hands, staring at Gu Sinan's back, a pair of gorgeous eyes filled with sadness. She couldn't figure it out and didn't want to admit that Shen Qingke had just come to Gu's home for more than a year and was a little girl with little knowledge. Where on earth could she compare with her friendship with Gu Sinan's childhood sweetheart, or that all this friendship was not worth mentioning in Gu Sinan's opinion? All cities are unable to avoid vulgarity in the festival. The streets are decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, and the shops are playing New Year's music circularly. Although it is not the Spring Festival, it has already made people feel the festive atmosphere. The highland barley looked sideways at the backward scenery outside the car window,thermal imaging camera, and came out of Gu's house to see the red lanterns all the way, without feeling bored. When the car was waiting for the red light, Fu Jiasi looked sideways at the highland barley, and with a light sound, the highland barley turned to look at him. What's the matter? Seeing Fu Jiasi staring at himself, the highland barley looked down at himself and did not feel anything special. Fu Jiasi shook his head: "No, I haven't seen you for a long time. I feel like you have grown up a lot!" "Do you know how old you look when you say that?" The man feels nose, those who laugh is full do not care: "Have?"? Now the girl is not all like the old uncle, mature and steady eyes with the kind of story! "No, it's uncle, but it's not old uncle. When you say old uncle, it reminds me of the word middle-aged fat." Fu Jiasi was amused by her. The red light had passed. He started the car and drove forward. You seem to have become more cheerful. After a while, when the highland barley thought he had nothing to say, interactive kiosk price ,outdoor digital signage displays, he suddenly made such a summary. Maybe I made a friend who was more nervous, and she made me more cheerful. "That's good, keep it up!" Fu Jiasi took highland barley to a newly opened Japanese barbecue shop in Tongxiang Street. He had come to eat once before and thought it tasted good. When he ate delicious food, somehow, the first thing that jumped out of his mind was Shen highland barley. So I called her today to share the joy of eating delicious food with her. Highland barley appetite is not good, but do not want to spoil Fu Jiasi's interest, she tried to let herself eat more, eat to the end has felt some stomach swelling. Before paying the bill, the highland barley stressed three times that she should treat this time, and Fu Jiasi was not allowed to pay. Fu Jiasi felt that she was too strange, but the highland barley insisted on doing so, so he let her go. Only before the payment of highland barley, he found the boss to pay part of the money on the pretext of going to the bathroom, and asked the boss not to say anything when he checked out later. He knew that highland barley had strong self-esteem and refused to take advantage of him, but money was just a number for him, but highland barley was different. Her money was saved by her work-study program. Finally, the boss cooperated with Fu Jiasi to perform a play. Highland barley felt that the price was not quite right when she looked at the settlement list. She was stopped by Fu Jiasi as soon as she wanted to delve into it. The man said: "It's still early. Let's go out for a stroll. You see how lively the street is!" Highland barley felt that his reaction was somewhat strange, but Fu Jiasi did not give her much time to think about it, so he took her shoulder and pushed her out of the shop. Wrapped in the heat of the barbecue shop for a long time, the sudden contact with the cold air made the highland barley shiver. She held her shoulders and looked at the people coming and going on the street. The mobile phone in her bag suddenly rang. She took it out to see that the caller ID number was the landline of her hometown. She and Lu Fang agreed to contact only when there was something important. Lu Fang did not want Shen Chengshun to know the contact information of the highland barley. At this moment, the highland barley stared at the caller ID on the mobile phone, and there was no reason for a panic in the bottom of my heart. When she is stupefied, Fu Jiasi reminds aloud: "Who calls?"? Do you know him? Highland barley returned to his senses, nodded and pressed to answer, and before she could speak, he heard Shen Chengshun's voice coming from the other side of the phone. Is it Shen highland barley? Hello-say something? No matter how long it took, as long as she heard Shen Chengshun's voice, she would send out a chill from the bottom of her heart, as if her whole body was wrapped in ice, which made her tremble unconsciously. Seeing that she had been silent and her face was getting paler and paler, Fu Jiasi felt that there was something wrong with her. He was about to ask, but he heard the girl speak with difficulty. It's me "Highland barley, I am your father, you hurry back, your mother has uremia, need money to see a doctor, you know I have no money to send her to the hospital, she is very ill, money, you think of your own way." The other side said to hang up the phone, the mobile phone fell off from the hands of the highland barley, her body feint, frightened Fu Jiasi hurriedly came to hold her. The man asks eagerly: "How are you highland barley?"? What happened "I-I-I have to go home now!" Highland barley said,interactive whiteboard prices, broke away from Fu Jiasi holding her hands, ran to the side of the road to stop the car, Fu Jiasi ran over in a hurry: "What happened?"? Where are you going? I'll take you! 。

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